How to Enjoy the Benefits of the Beach Year-Round

As the lazy days of summer are quickly coming to an end, we are left with many fond memories that will last a lifetime.  Sunrise walks on the beach, large gatherings of friends and family, s’mores and ice cream, playing in the waves, games on the deck, and watching the sun set over the ocean. Does summer really need to end?  Unfortunately, it does…but that doesn’t mean that good times can’t still be had!

Many people enjoy vacationing at a beach house each summer because it allows you to gather with large groups of friends and family.  While summer can certainly be an ideal time to visit the beach for the obvious reasons of warmth and sunshine, there are so many great reasons to vacation at a beach house during other times of the year!

Let’s start with the fall season. Honestly, what a perfect time for families without school-aged children to vacation!  In many locations, the weather is still very summer-like, with lots of sunshine, high enough temperatures, and ocean waves that is still warm enough to swim in.  Vacationing in September or October can give you many of the same benefits as 80fb2fc4165768def76819c5229a7ee4--decorating-pumpkins-fall-decoratingvacationing in the summer with fewer crowds, more availability, and better prices.

It’s not just about the cost, however. If you think the best beach vacations are about quiet walks on the sand, intimate dinners and feeling like you have the sea all to yourself, then off-season travel is for you. Visiting a beach town when the tourists are gone lets you absorb and enjoy the local landscape and culture.

While taking a swim in the ocean would be quite dare-devilish, vacationing at a beach house during the winter months can also lead to wonderful family memories.  While holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are filled with fun and joy, they can also cause a lot of stress.  People are often filled with thoughts such as, “Who is going to host this year?” or “How am I going to fit everyone in my house….and how long are they going to stay?”  Having holiday gatherings at a beach house can eliminate so much of that stress. Renting a large beach house means there is space for everyone and the responsibility of cooking the holiday meal can be shared by all.  Beach houses often have kitchens that are much larger than what you have in your own home.  Some of the best memories are made when families gather to cook meals together.

Vacationing during less popular months, such as January through March certainly have their benefits as well.  These are months where people are often craving a vacation.  Summer is far behind us, yet we still have a long way to go until next summer. Work may be stressful, there are no big holidays to look forward to, and you may just need a pick-me-up. Being at the beach any time of year can be peaceful and relaxing, with a change of scenery from the daily grind always offering a welcome distraction.  Homes with Wi-Fi and high-speed internet will ensure those who need to stay in touch with the office and continue to conduct business will also be able to relax while keeping in touch.  During these months, air fares and beach house rentals are definitely cheaper, and there is a lot of availability.  Another benefit of off-season vacationing is that during the summer months many beach houses will only accept week-long rentals, during off season months you can usually rent for long weekends…perfect for a quick getaway!

Lastly, while the ocean temperatures may not always be inviting, make sure you look for homes with pools that have the option to be heated.  A heated pool makes for a great time in any season and always makes it feel like vacation!

So, as you are shaking the sand off of your beach towels, and packing away the left-over sunscreen, don’t be so quick to think that you can’t visit your favorite beach house until next summer.  There are so many memories to be made all year long!

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